The Team. Shadow Motion Pictures Creative Film Studio

Elijah Marchand 

Elijah Marchand’s passion for films ignited during movie nights with his grandfather. Saving diligently, he acquired his first camera as a teenager, launching a creative journey into storytelling. Collaborating with friends, he crafted emotive short films that caught the attention of major brands like Chapmans and Acura.

However, it was his documentary “Tin City Voices” that truly elevated his career. The film, exploring the struggles and triumphs of marginalized communities, received critical acclaim, touching audiences' hearts profoundly. This milestone solidified Elijah as a remarkable filmmaker.

Today, at the helm of Shadow Motion Pictures, Elijah Marchand continues to captivate global audiences with his storytelling prowess. His dedication to evoking genuine emotions through his artistry has earned him widespread admiration and recognition in the cinematic world.

The Team. Shadow Motion Pictures Creative Film Studio

Shiva Marchand

Meet Shiva, a dynamic force at Shadow Motion Pictures. With a multifaceted background and a relentless pursuit of knowledge and passion for various fields, she seamlessly weaves her diverse experiences into the tapestry of our creative team. From her roots as a savvy marketing specialist, Shiva’s journey has encompassed roles as a talented photographer, driven entrepreneur, sought-after model, and a life success coach. 

 Shiva’s holistic approach to life and creativity enriches our team, as she curates experiences that leave an indelible mark, both on screen and in the hearts of those she touches.

In a realm where storytelling is paramount, Shiva stands as a testament to the power of versatility. And by fusing her creative talents and her mission for social change, Shiva strives to create a profound impact in the world, one frame at a time. 

The Team. Shadow Motion Pictures Creative Film Studio

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